Kaleioscope Dyed – available in worsted and sport weights.

Our yarns are grown, spun, and hand-dyed in Maine. 

Visit our current website www.romneyridgefarm.com  to order.  Thanks!

Romney Ridge Farm is passionate about the world around us.  We recycle our dye baths up to ten times before renewing the water, saving many gallons of water and fuel for heating.  This practice is applied to both the wools for our needle-felting kits and our beautiful hand-dyed yarns.  We use wools from our own flock of sheep and goats as well as our fellow Maine Shepherds.          

We are proud  to be 100% Made in Maine.

Sport-weight 430 yards/4oz skein

Sport Weight    A beautiful, light weight, woolen spun yarn.  Hand-dyed in 24 rich colors.   Knit beautiful seasonal  sweaters, lace-weight shawls, fingerless mittens with matching hats, and sweet children’s woolens.  Each skein is a generous 430 yards/4 oz skein.  100% Maine-grown wools.

Worsted weight -250 Yards/ 4oz skein

Worsted Weight  Our most popular yarn!  This hand-dyed, woolen-spun yarn is warm yet light-weight.   Our customers rave about its versitility as they create sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and even blankets with our worsted weight.  Another generous size-250 yards/4 oz skein.  100% Maine-grown wools.

Double Dip -Evergreen. 250yards/4 oz. skein

Double Dips  ~  These fun skeins are hand-dyed using our “double dip” technique.  The process creates two rich tones of color with in each skein.  Depending on the stitch you use, the colors may stripe, or simply compliment themselves through out the garment.  250 yards/4oz. skein.  100% Maine-grown wools.

Kaleidoscope dyed - available in worsted and sport weights.

Kaleidoscope Yarns  ~  How fun are these?  Hand-dyed using our secret kettle pot technique which creates new colors from base colors.  Each row you knit is different from the next, making projects exciting to complete!  Now two skeins are ever alike!

Available in two weights from 1005 Maine-grown wools.

Worsted -250 yards/4oz skein    –       Sport weight 430 yards/4oz skein.

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