Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co.

Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co. Double Dip Yarns In the beginning there were sheep. Three sheep to be exact. The base group of three sheep became a large flock of 28. Angora goats soon mingled in the group producing, beautiful, shimmering mohair for our Farm Blend.Romney Ridge Farm Blend - Pumpkin Spice

A love of fiber arts, creativity, crazy color, and what I consider the “perfect creatures”, fueled the fire to grow into a substantial business.  A second side emerged with the purchase of the Maine Wool Pool.  An additional line of Artisan yarn was added, and now a needle felting business is taking life.


What comes next?  Keep in touch!  Designing, new blends, and new colors are in the future.  Join us!

Romney Ridge Needle Felting Kits

3 Responses to Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co.

  1. Shepherd Jim says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world or WordPress!

    I congratulate you on your courage — once again you’re stepping out of the known, comfortable and safe off into ….? I’m betting something bigger and better!

    Good Luck!

  2. nruit says:

    Love the blog on WP! Glad you switched over. I just can’t find your RSS feed button so I can subscribe to the new one!

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