And Away We Grow!

Good Ole' Joe

I felted my first fleece.  My first sheep Joe’s beautiful fleece , my first Romney lamb fleece no less … yep, into the washing machine it went to be washed to then become my learn-to-spin fleece.  I was so excited … then so disappointed.  But, I kept the large, beautiful donut for many years and sat on it.  It flattened and became a great support for my back while I was pregnant.  Lesson learned.

When I heard about needlefelting I was super excited.  Having gone the back-breaking-scrubbing, roll-out-throwdown-on-the-floor-fulling route, ( though the outcome was fantastic!) I was thrilled to see objects come to life with minimal effort, no needed space, and no mess.    My kids and I made sheep, dogs, ponies, Easter eggs, Santas, and embellished knits with designs. I even won a blue ribbon one year at The New York Sheep and Wool Festival for a felted mural I needlefelted  Fun, fun, fun!

Two years ago I met Lorna at a trade show.  I with my yarns, and she with her needlefelting kits, both shepherdesses, both creative entrepreneurs – with hit it off immediately.  At the time I did not know how much she had put into the cleverly packaged kits.  The designs were simple, well thought out and at the time, I had no idea how much she had put into the design.   But now I do – and I am super impressed.

Three Little Felted Pig

At The New England Fiber Festival a few weeks ago, Lorna approached me with plans to sell her business.  She wanted me to have the first refusal … and I was humbled.   After a long ride home with numbers and dates and supplies and “how can I make this work” going through my head – and while trying to listen to the Patriots game,  I realized that this was an offer I could not refuse, and that I must make it work.   We will use our own Maine-grown fibers for materials like Lorna had done keeping it local in her home state of New Hampshire.   It will become a family run business with my kiddos helping and learning another process of being an entrepreneur.   I am excited!

Lorna's Frog and Toad design.

Not to worry, my yarns lines will continue to be produced as always.   In fact, I am expecting my latest Bulky run to be here shortly, followed by a short run of Willow,  and a big run of sport-weight.   We have already started the design process, creating our own creatures for the new needlefelting line.   I will share this journey as we go … it will be a long fun winter making kits, designing critters, and best of all working with my family …and wool!!

About Kelly L. Corbett

Owner, Artist & Shepherdess of Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co.
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