Brain Fog

A much better "fog" to be wrapped in!

My brain was enveloped in a deep, heavy fog a few days ago, much like the thick, pea soup that wraps itself around the island where I grew up.   Maybe it was the moon’s position in the sky, maybe the planets were out of alignment.  Whatever it was, I am happy to see it drift out to sea!  In the middle of it all, I left the hose running, left the gate open, and posted a totally wrong pattern on my blog!  Ahhhhhhhhh …I won’t even tell you what happened to the dinner I was cooking! 

Since the whole disastrous day, I have ( calmed down ) righted all the wrongs, (calmed down ) fixed the boo-boo’s ( calmed down ) and righted the wrongs again.  Thank you to my FB peeps who were patient with my craziness, and called me out!  The now CORRECT pattern is on the PATTERNS page ( tab above ) …really, I swear.  🙂

One good thing came out of the craziness.  I found my knitting drive again.  After mourning the loss of football season, and pouting over not having a reason to sit and knit on Sundays and Mondays, I picked up a skein of Willow in lollipop and started a swatch … which has now morphed into a project … that I cannot share until I figure out what it is going to be.  Anyone else do this???     I have a plan that keeps adjusting as I go, it might be done in a few days, or the other plan may come into play.  That’s what makes knitting so fun!

With the snow melting at a perfect pace allowing the ground to absorb small amounts each day without creating too much mud, I am psyched about the few months ahead.  My calendar is filling in bit by bit with shows and exciting events.   If the fog drifts in again I think I will lock my doors and hide out on the couch with a few good movies until it is safe to emerge again.  Not e-mails, no FB, no blogging  … promise!


About Kelly L. Corbett

Owner, Artist & Shepherdess of Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co.
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1 Response to Brain Fog

  1. angie says:

    LOL, I’ve had those days myself!

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