The “Old” New & The “New” New

Do you ever look, I mean really look at the fashion trends that come and go in our lives?  Bell bottoms are now more of a boot-cut,  t-shirts are now worn in layers of long and short sleeves, hats with ear flaps that were once considered practical are now trendy.  Remember leg-warmers?!?!  I loved mine in the 80’s.  

How cool were we?

  Old becomes new and new gets replaced with newer and suddenly we are back to what was old again and it is refreshingly new  … I love it.    Right about now I start craving something new.  Whether it is an “old” new making a come back or a “new” new because of the season, the need for something to pull me into a new project is strong this time of year, and the cold that forces me to quickly do chores and get back inside is welcome.

Seems like I have been stalking the magazine rack at my local book store, looking for the colors of spring in knitting, quilting, painting, house design, garden plots, you name it.  I do this every season … inspiration I need you!

Yesterday, the snow, piled in 6 foot mounds behind the house blocking my quick and easy walk to my barn, stood tall and defiant.  I quickly traded my shovel for my snow blower and created three paths to the three paddocks where my woolies dwell.   The snow is almost waist deep, and a pair of legwarmers would be welcomed on the mornings when the sun is not yet high enough in the sky to make morning chores bearable. 

I find my seasonal inspiration in the barn, drooling over the long, luscious fleeces that are growing on my two Border Leicesters, Mable and Vespa.  Each year I choose one or two of my fleeces and have them  individually put into roving or spun into yarn. 

This year these ladies are my choice and I’m thinking about handspinning their fleeces, rather than having them mill spun.  It is my “old” becoming “new” again as my spinning wheel has been patiently waiting for me to remember the days when I hand spun all of my fleeces, the days when only three individual voices rejoiced at the sound of grain being measured into a bucket at feeding time. 

Lots of BIG events in the yarn world have been and will be taking place this spring, ushering in the new looks from designers old and new.   Vogue Knitting Live, SOAR, and a new event planed by Interweave will keep us inspired and offer us a place to share and learn.   And finally we will slip back into cold weather mode, attending fall sheep & wool festivals, seeking the colors and textures that will keep our hands busy and bodies warm as once again, the snow drifts and piles tower above us.

Thank you to everyone who has voted for Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co. for the Love A Local Business Grant.  I am certainly humbled by the kind words shared by many of you.   My previous post explains the improvements I would invest in my business and community should I be awarded any portion of the grant.  Once again, here is the link if you’d like to take a look. 

LOVE Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co.

Old, new, old, new …tis the season.


About Kelly L. Corbett

Owner, Artist & Shepherdess of Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co.
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